Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am still here.....

I have been meaning to post here for a while... I think about it weekly but just love looking at a ton of other blogs and find it hard to say something on my own. Thing to come soon, are some more reviews of my favorites and maybe even some not so favorites. I may back track and show some Halloween and Christmas because I never shared any of that and maybe our vacation to Sea World. I'll try to be a good girl and update this thing.

Abby's Golden Birthday pics

Abby had her golden birthday on January 7, she made 7 years old.

We have had a very long, cold & wet winter. I finally was able to go out and take these pics, as the weather was finally warm enough and sunny to take these. I had this invisioned in my head for a while. I wanted a pretty blue sky in the background and a lot of flat nothing background. It was hard to find a location. Abby had a school holiday on Monday and it was a beautiful day. We went in the middle of the day, so I'm not totally happy with them as it's hard to take pics in the full sun. But I did get a few that I love.